Tuesday, 4 September 2012

My head aches and feels the blood vice-grips, hanging over my tequila sunrises...

I've been sat all evening sketching out Suicidegirls. This was just supposed to be a warm up for painting, but I just keep clicking through Marlene's "In the cold light of morning" photoset... they're so goddamn addictive. :')

Today was a pretty exciting day... I've been waiting for this for ages. I went and got my leg tattooed.

It was done by Becci at Vida Loca tattoo in Bolton, and I love it. It reads "But me? I'm just searching for some beautiful, a dream that I can catch and a person who's unusual..." and it's from 'Searching for some Beautiful' by Sadistik. I could spend an hour typing out how important this song is to me, how long I've wanted this, why I wanted this... but basically, I'm tired. :') So I'm gonna drop the video here, and just take my word for it, it's a big fucking deal for me. (If the whole "permanently carving it into my skin" thing wasn't enough indication...)
Just listen, this guys lyrics are just the most gorgeous things.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Those silent evil daughters, like sirens on the water...

Ahh, long time, no post! D: I'm sorry, life has been craaazy. In a good way though... (Although not a productive one.) Prepare for a longer post than usual to make up for the missed ones, haha.

I missed friday's post cause I was busy with celebrating my birthday; during the day I met up with a friend I haven't seen since last christmas; she bought me a coffee and teddys for my birthday. Love that lady.
Then I had to rush home, get ready and get very drunk. Fun night. :D

Saturday actually was my birthday, so I'm gonna admit, after the friend who stayed over went home I basically sat around doing nothing but eating chocolate. :/
Yesterday I went seeing a friend who's moving across the country for uni, and then that night another friend came round to discuss preparations for todays events... And today, I helped to shoot a music video. It was very messy, pretty damn fun, slightly dangerous and a little bit mental. I'll post more details when I can post the video. :D

Soo, onto the usual post. Not really got much to show, but shooting the video (and not being able to sit down and art properly for a few days) has got me super pumped and inspired, so I'm probably gonna stay up for the rest of the night. For now, have some feets.

Sorry it's a pretty crap image, like I said, not much to show.

I discovered and downloaded Blink 182's newest album the other day, and have been pretty addicted... especially this song. I am in love with the lyrics of this.

That's how it was to all begin, cause good girls, they like to sin,
Way back at the starting line, when Eve was on Adam's mind.
And he was the first to go in search of the great unknown,

And falling yet again, cause good girls, they like to sin.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

I haven't slept yet, it still counts as thursday's post, right? :')

I didn't want today to end up the same as yesterday, so I actually set my alarm for hours before I had to be up for work... It worked. Got a decent amount of stuff done - but I also had a coffee to compensate for me only having a few hours sleep, aaaaand it's still keeping me awake. 5am the next morning. -.-
Bad time for it too, busy day tomorrow (today?)... Birthday celebrations! :D So I'll probably miss tomorrow's post.

Started busting out the oils on this.

Still been on a Buckcherry kick, so have some more. :') Something a little softer by them.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Babydoll, you got a lovely face, we're going to your place, and now you got to freak me out...

Ugh, these shifts ending after midnight really kill my motivation. I come home and really don't feel up to much at all.
Buuut I'm making myself stay up and get at least a little bit done, so have some late night sketchums. Working on dem figures.

Been listening to Buckcherry all night tonight.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

But this world keeps spinning as my heart stops beating.

Today is a day of finishing things :)
Meant to be going out tonight but it doesn't look like I can get home... So I don't think I am. (I'm actually glad I've got this unexpected night in, to be honest.)
Finishing up this one:

... And have some laid-back acoustics. (You can tell I'm not in the mood to go out when I'm listening to this stuff.)

Monday, 27 August 2012

Good-times goddess, my goodness... Goth fingernail polish, autopilot footprints.

Don't wanna go to work, wanna stay home and paint all day. Sob. :')
Nearly finished up the underpainting on this, just a few more details to go and I can start busting out the oils. :D


Naked in the bathtub, sitting on the porcelain
Waiting for that little hurricane to pull your torso in...

The painting is actually based off the song shoulda know, by atmosphere, about him falling in love with a drug addict (or that's how I interpret it.) His words have gorgeous imagery and as soon as I listened to it years ago, I knew I had to paint this. The image in my head then and the image on the canvas now is pretty much unchanged.

Then all of a sudden she got silent
Pupils like marbles hide behind eyelids
Get-away sticks go limping whole place
That fucked up smile sucked up most her face

Truly beauty, the scene serene
And each criticism becomes redeemed;
Swallow my words, no more judgement, it's through
Cause you look like what I feel like when I'm with you.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Keep breaking what's been fixed a thousand times, and gimme some more of that iodine.

 Ugh... Last night was a bit of a disaster. I'm about 90% sure my drink was spiked, cause I didn't drink that much but I can't remember a goddamn thing - I didn't even know how I got home. Woke up covered in cuts, bruises, dirt and puke (Lovely.) Mum found my shoes/phone/stretcher in the garden, and the front door wide open... and my legs are an absolute state.

At least I feel fine now... but still. If your drinks aren't even safe at a family party... :/

Doing lots of portrait practice - the bottom one is a self portrait, and the top three are studies from suicidegirls photos. (Still loving my membership! :D Best impulse buy ever. So worth it.)

Not really had a particular playlist today, just been listening to whatever comes on... which is this at the moment. Discovered Icon for Hire on youtube a couple of months back and been in love ever since.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

I never found out how she could lie, with a smile on her face and the darkness inside.

Ahh, missed another day! It was another case of going to work on very little sleep, coming home past midnight and passing out in the early hours, I'm afraid. :')
The next two weeks are gonna be hectic as hell... My family birthday party tonight, three shifts which finish at midnight, going out for the last time with a friend who's moving back to America, my own birthday night out, helping to shoot a music video, and a tattoo appointment... whew. :') So I can't promise I'll be able to keep up the daily postage completely, though I'ma try my damndest.
That said, I have the second week off work, so that should take some of the slack off. Guess we'll see.

A colour study I'm working on in between working on the big canvas... Finally treated myself to a Suicidegirls membership! :D So happy... So many well shot pictures of beautiful girls to paint from. Like this one. :)

And I'd had this song in my itunes for a long time, heard it a few times, but never really properly listened to it... Such a sad, beautiful song. I love when I hit that zone when I'm painting that I can really get the music too.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Finally getting started on this canvas. :D It's already proving to be a challenge, but that's a good thing I guess. Gonna leave it tonight; take a look at the sketch with fresh eyes tomorrow, and if things still look alright I'ma add in a few last details and start the underpainting. :)

Still on a Glitch Mob kick; downloaded the "Drink the Sea" album this morning, so that's been my soundtrack today. Really loving this one:

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

We've got forever, slipping through our hands...

Wasn't really sure what to post here, cause considering yesterday/today (I don't even know which day is which anymore) was pretty productive, it was all finishing off studies and I didn't wanna post any more studies or any finished work here.
So instead, you get pictures of me preparing up canvas for my next portfolio piece, which I'm really looking forward to working on! It's a painting I've had in mind for years, but never attempted because I knew I wasn't even close to the level I needed to be to do it... I knew I wanted to do it in oils for one, and I hadn't even painted a single stroke at the time.
(I'm also in my pyjamas, and not wearing make-up... or pants. Maybe this wasn't the best idea...)

Last night I was sent some Glitch Mob tracks which I hadn't heard before... I've been addicted to this one, so nice.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Down, down from a huntable surplus to one.

I guess I technically missed yesterday... Ended up staying at a friends way longer than planned (like a, came home at 5am rather than 11pm kinda late.) But, I haven't slept yet , so technically it's still the same day, right?

More work on the Asaro head... When I wake up I'm gonna spent the next day or so finishing studies then get cracking on some personal pieces. Taking a month-long break from personals to do studies was actually really refreshing, got quite a few ideas lined up now. :)

I know, I know, more rap... But I just downloaded Aesop Rock's Skelethon album and it's soo good. :D The beats on this one are so damn catchy.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Oh, I got a love that keeps me waiting...

Not gonna lie, wasted most of the day. So tired... and when I'm tired it's hard to get me to do anything, I get like, super-distractable. Zone out.
Came home from work, ate way too much food, and set up my new phone. Ugh. Tomorrow will be better... after I've slept.

Here's something I started this morning.. Asaro, woop woop.

Got reminded how good The Black Keys are today. Love this one, hooray for new material.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

I've been through the rain, but I've put other people through a hurricane

Hey, whaddaya know, I feel fine :') And still a few hours art time before I have to get ready for work, score.
Last night was awesome... Until about 4am when my phone got stolen. (Right after I got the number of a really cute guy too, goddammit.) Still a really good night though, and I should be getting a replacement delivered tomorrow, so s'all good :)

Something that isn't studies, for once... really enjoying sketching digitally at the moment, so I've been doing warmups every morning before I start working... this is what i started doodling up this morning. I feel like theres a lot less pressure sketching digitally, more freedom, so fun. :D

That arms gonna be a bitch to draw... Goddamn perspective. Gonna have to pull out the mirror tomorrow.

I never realised how much I listen to rap when I draw until I started this blog. Atmosphere was my starter drug into the sort of indie rap I like to listen to now... I owe so much to Slug, the way he made me think about life and music... Oh man. One thing I love is how much more real and relatable the way he talk about love is. Like, in this one he acknowledges that people are fucked up, and relationships are fucked up, and thats okay... and its way more romantic and sincere to me than most love ballads and songs out right now. Love this song.

I'm not perfect, but I'm this, that and this
My hands are dirty and I'm this, that and this
You've been searching for this, that and this
Let's break the surface and make a little happy mess.

Whoo, goddamn I'm chatty today. Sorry for the overly long postage!

Friday, 17 August 2012

Bass coming down so hard, that little dress breaking every heart~

Still working on this one... Taking so long! I wanted to finish it last night, goddamnit. It still has detailwork to go... -.- Struggling with the temperature contrasts. Need to studystudystudy.

I don't know if I'll manage a post tomorrow, as I'll have work till midnight and a possible hangover. So my posting will depend on how quickly I can recover from tonight. :') Going out to celebrate a friend finishing all her uni assignments, and me passing Foundation Art and Design with a distinction... Celebrating academic achievement by killing braincells with alcohol. Logic. :D

So since I'm gonna be getting drunk and dancing to crappy pop music, I'll share some with you. Some part of my mind realises this guy makes bad music... but the rest has been secretly addicted to his album for about a fortnight...

Thursday, 16 August 2012

I wanna meet a muse, just to kiss her on her honest lips.

Woke up early, showered, got dressed, make-up on... and work calls to tell me not to bother coming in today, as it's too quiet... Gah. On one hand, I was pissed at losing hours (and money) and wasting make-up;  but hey, it also means I get wayy more time to paint today than expected. :D Hence pretty early posting.

Spent the morning working some more on this study, finally busting out the oils to start blocking in colour; I haven't done much work on the face, which is why it looks pretty cloudy at the moment.
I'm really liking the idea of doing a personal piece fully in oils, but I'm scraping the barrel for ideas right now, so... ho hum. Keep pumping out studies for a few more days.

I've already spoken about my love for Sadistik... and last night he released a (free!!) mini-album of unreleased/rare songs; so of course I've been listening to them on repeat whilst painting. Instantly fell in love with this track in particular... His goddamn words, maaan. <3

Yeah, feeling ugly in my skin
Weaving a tornado and then running from the wind
This habit of abandonment is something I resent, 'cause its tragic and it's cancerous, it's functioning like death
I wanna meet a muse, just to kiss her on her honest lips
Use my withered hands to paint a picture of accomplishment
Mixture of the opposite, insecure and confident:
These are the symptoms of an optimist.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

And I will remember your name and face, on the day you were judged by the funhouse cast.

Ugh, another 9hr shift at work today... So tired. I was determined not to miss another post so I spent about an hour on this... Which, if you count the amount of times I fell asleep on the desk, is more like about 30 mins. Just sketching it out took waay more attempts than usual.
Think it's best if I come back to this after catching up on sleep... I'll probably end up starting from scratch, tbh. Not happy at all with it.

Been listening to alot of Aesop Rock today; it took me a long time to actually get into Aesop Rock even though I heard alot of good stuff about him, but now I can't get enough. This is one of those rare songs I can listen to over and over, any time, any mood - and I can never skip past it. Just something about that beat.

Now I'm gonna go crash, ready for another 9hr shift tomorrow... ugh. I'll try and post something a little better next time. G'night :)

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

In this dream that I had, you can't kill heroes.

Cancelled a night out to stay in and paint tonight. Not sure how I feel about that...
Happy to be painting though. :D

Starting on the underpainting for the next oil paint study... Oils oils oils. <3 Starting to feel like I need to be pushing the medium further, but I cut four pieces of gesso'd cardboard to do four face photostudies, so this'll complete the set. :') Not sure where to go next though... Hmm.

I've kept going back to this song all day and I don't even know why. So here, have some emo.

I'm trying to grasp the concepts of your dimensions, while my universe is laced around your wrist...

Monday, 13 August 2012

Though you lost your way, now is not forever.

Ahh, I'm missing posts already! Ahhhh!
I'm failing so badly at life at the moment, aha. I fully intended to post at the usual time last night... Came home from a nine hour shift at work, sat down to eat and then paint... But then my caffeine crash hit, and I ended up passing out for a full eight hours with my light still on, still wearing my work uniform and make up, on top of a pile of ironed clean washing. Oops...

My computer crashed right after I posted last, and I lost everything except the underpainting, so I've more or less had to start from scratch with this... but it's coming along alright, I think.

Aaand since you can already see what I'm listening to in the screen cap, here's the video link. Something a little more rock-y, I guess. :)

Hopefully I'll get another post in tonight to make up for missing yesterday... But if not, we're back on schedule and I'll see you tomorrow! :)

Saturday, 11 August 2012

I'm ready to go right now...

Ugh... Too much pizza.

Finished the oil painting from last night... tonight's digital is based off the same kinda colour scheme/lighting, so I can kinda try and apply what I picked up from the study... Trying to use the same process as well, try'na make my digitals more painterly.  Woop.
(You also get to see the reference picture for last nights post too, aha.)

Tonight I haven't technically been listening to music whilst painting, I've been watching the Hellboy documentary; (soo good, man. The amount of passion and work that goes into those movies...) but I can't get enough of this song lately. It's a David So cover of John Legend's Green Light... I don't know what I love more about David So, his hilarious, amazing comedy or his unexpectedly gorgeous voice.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Beautiful and innocent, suitable and militant.

First post!

So the idea with this blog is Im'a post (more or less) daily with a screenshot of whatever art I'm working on that day/night, and whatever music is keeping me company while I draw/paint/whatever... and possibly whatever thoughts are on my brain at that moment too. This way, I get to keep a track of whether I'm actually working... and hopefully it's interesting for you guys too. :') Besides, I like sharing music.

Most posts are probably gonna be in the early hours like this, cause thats when I work most... especially when i dont get home from work till around 1am. -.- Also, future posts will probably be much less wordy and... explainy. :')

Right now, I'm working on an oil paint study of Rogue Suicide... I get so inspired by Suicidegirls, I would really really love a damn membership so I can paint them all goddamn dayyy. (I actually have enough money put away, I'm just a cheapskate who's waiting for the next membership sale. Ohhh.)

And tonights playlist... for the last few days, whenever I sit down to paint, I stick on the same playlist - Sadistik, Grieves and the XX. All soo good... so I'll start off with one of my favourite Sadistik songs. The guy is a lyrical genius, beautiful words, I've never heard anything like him before. So much love.

I've got a bone to pick with all these skeletons in closets, breaking down the barriers, embellishing my losses
And under all the verses, I wonder if it's worth it, and whether it's irrelevant the elements are constant...